When is the Registration DEADLINE?
Typically, we accept registrations until two weeks prior to the start of each camp. However, there are only a limited number of spots for each camp, so it is highly suggested to register early.

What's the difference between Individual 1 and Individual 2?
Both consist of the same schedule; we just offer the camps on different days.  Typically, campers only attend one session, but we have had a handful that repeat the camps for extra training.

Refund Policy
Refunds will ONLY be given due to illness or serious injury.  A letter requesting a refund must include a thorough explanation and a signed doctor's excuse note.  No Exceptions.  In order to cover our expenses, $100 will be non-refundable on all refund requests.  If an application is withdrawn for any illness or serious injury reason up until the camp session begins and a doctor’s excuse note is provided, tuition will be refunded an additional $50. ALL refunds must be written and turned in prior to the camp you are planning to attend.  If preferred, you can fax your request to 402-472-8396.

Campers may request their roommates. University housing holds two to a room with corner rooms holding three. Corner rooms are limited so if you have a group of three, please get your application submitted early. We do our best in complying with these requests. In some cases, multiple people ask for the same group in which we room them next door to each other. The Volleyball Camp staff stays on each floor to assure the safety of all live-in campers.

Can Parents watch Practice?
Of course! Parents are welcomed at any time throughout the duration of camp.

Full-Time Athletic Trainer
Members of the University's athletic training staff are on hand for all sessions.  A doctor is on call and the Student Health Center is readily available.  We recommend that each camper be in excellent physical condition.  This not only prevents injuries, but also makes the learning process much easier.

Health, Safety and Insurance Coverage
All participants should be covered by personal medical insurance.  The accident insurance provided by the camp is on an excess basis.  Also, all minor injuries and preventive care will be handled by the camp athletic trainer.  Please make sure your forms are signed and dated correctly by your physician, certifying that you are able to participate in an active volleyball camp.

Commuters MUST come to registration in order to check in, pay any balances, turn in required paperwork, and receive meal passes.  Meal tickets are provided with your camp fee if you are a commuter with meals.  For information on when and where to drop off/pick up your child, an itinerary for each camp can be picked up at check in.

Any further questions please email the camp staff at huskervolleyballcamps@gmail.com or contact the volleyball camp office at 402-413-7001.  Typically, emails get faster response versus voice messages.